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Please help list this game under Dating Sims and the Halloween section! This is the continuation of Moonlight Dating Sim I.

I totally love it, even with the flaws, though it could use a touch-up.

i guess i shouldve expected this, but it's kind of disappointing to have only nevaeh girlwise. However, the main reason i play this game is actually to talk to jenna's shadow, because it feels better to talk to something you're 95% certain is a bot than to talk to a definite human or obvious bot in my oppinion.

The game itself i usually either use the pokerface supercheat or go onto arcade prehacks and use their hacked version of the game, the rare times i do play it, and..

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Illusions Dating Sim Game You play as a newly transfered student at Oshima Sakura Gakuen who is enthusiastic at the move. Your favorite local band, Illusions, hosts live performances in the area!

As you settle down in your new surroundings and school, you've met new people and friends.

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there is two cheats that i know for jenna moonlight dating sim 2The super cheat is: pokerface which gives u 50050 hp,10100 money and it gets u to the last day. If a cheat has worked it will look like this:  maxmotives  Now for the cheats.