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Everything will be kept very discreet if it happens between us it stays between us. If you need decent and healthy sex in Nairobi town or nearby, then this is the group you need.

It comprises of professionals - Engineers, Architects, Doctors, Administrators etc who really know how to f__k well. If you need special medical examination before having sex, then you will get it.

Pay particular attention to those panties when washing.

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They complain that it’s too big and they no more feel any sensation during intercourse. Douching Some parents, when bathing for their baby girls put warm water in a milk tin or dip a towel in the warm water and pour the water through a hole made beneath the tin or squeeze the water out of the towel into the vagina of the baby. Some parents also insert ginger or pepper or both into the vagina of adolescents as a form of punishment. Some people are use to bathing by adding dettol or other detergents to the water and they put this solution inside the vagina with the help of sponge or towel or just the hand with soap to clean the vagina.

Some ladies are therefore pushed to find a quick solution and in the process some use herbs or other substances in the vagina with the hope of making the vagina tight. Some of the herbs can cause the vagina to get tighter to the extent that penetration is no more possible. This is soooo WRONG as it will change the normal flora in the vagina, leading to infection. Use of water closet Some people have the habit of not sitting on the seat of the WC when using it so they end up urinating on the seat.

He must be from around Nairobi, and he must very skillful in bed. ****************FOR HOOKUP, SMS/WHATSAPP THE NAME “JEDIDAH” to 0726-162-180. ********************************************************** For hookups with HER, SMS/ WHATSAPP the word “NURU KAREN” to 0726-162-180 TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. ********************************************************** I’m gonna be in Kenya for a good while, and since i’m here, I’m hoping to perhaps find a good women. ********************************************************** For hookups with HER, SMS/ WHATSAPP the word “MERCY KASARANI” to 0726-162-180 TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. ********************************************************** Am boldly and intelligently hoping that you are well. My biological mum and dad freely gave me the name Joseph Odhiambo just here in Kisumu. Sadly I sent my wife on a business research in Argentina but she blocked communication with me, her family also has effortlessly tried to facilitate our breakup in vain. I do imports and i own businesses in Mombasa, Embu, Nakuru, Nairobi and Eldoret. Thirdly, when your partner starts complaining that he is not having as much satisfaction in bed and when it is hard for you to get an orgas m, you may have a loose va gina.

I am a sex maniac, and I love sex so much, and I want a guy who will give me sex all day, all night! ****************************** Hey guys, I need a guy who is in Nairobi or Nakuru or Mombasa or Kisumu or Eldoret , who is able to handle a lady in a mature way…am in my early 40s and I know there’s a guy out there who need my attention most. I’m from India, I’ve gotten tired of living there, living in a chaotic lifestyle and decided to just move elsewhere and enjoy life while i’m still relatively young. With the hectic and rather tiresome work you always whole-heartedly do. Am traumatically interested with one beautiful lady who urgently is looking for a drama free man, who will freely giving her what she has always and for long looked for. Am now fully decided to leave her before I sadly die single. Makena, Mombasa, 45 years old widowed with one kid.. I need a s**y lady from around Nairobi, she must be 18 and above, she must be good in bed. I would prefer a confident lady, since beauty starts from within.

“The woman can get really self-conscious over how long it’s going to take them to orgasm, and if she feels like she’s with some guy that isn’t in a rush, that’s incredibly sexy.” Step 2.

Perfect Position Your partner probably knows the position that’s most comfortable for her to be in, but if she’s open to suggestions, put a pillow under her butt to lift her pelvis up, which will give feel fantastic.

I am seeking a mature man for a long term friends with benefit. Never be in a relationship with someone who acts single, who takes you as an option, who isn’t proud of you, who has no future plans for the relationship, who disrespects you, who continuously hurts you intentionally, who is selfish, who is so proud to admit their mistakes and still never apologize for them, and who abuses you physically.

Someone who has lived and is done chasing tail and wants to be in a monogamous non commital type of relationship. You are a good person who doesn’t deserve such kind of treatment. I’m Pamella,37 year old white lady in Nairobi searching for my Prince here SERIOUS men only will give more of my details when we hookup. MUST BE MATURE BLACK/WHITE SERIOUS MARRIAGE MINDED MAN. Fingering During foreplay or romance, as part of it some people insert their finger or fingers into the vagina.

We would probably meet once or twice a week and once in a while dine in public. You deserve to be loved, cared for, and appreciated. ********************************************************** For hookups with her, SMS/ WHATSAPP the word “PAMELLA” to 0726-162-180 TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. ********************************************************** Are you a Luo gentleman out there looking for a side lady? Am a 25yrs old kamba lady with a curved nice body, ready for something for some nice guy. I belief am very mature so trust me you have nothing to worry, though am a no nonsense lady. Let me tell you my other story, when we know each other!! ********************************************************** For hookups with her, SMS/ WHATSAPP the word “JENNY NAIROBI” to 0726-162-180 TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. ********************************************************** To maintain a healthy vagina you must know what to do to avoid infection and it is equally important to educate your sexual partner on some of them to also help you help the vagina. The question is, how many people wash their hands before sexual intercourse?

If you are interested and above 30, don’t hesitate. Be working and ready to support me in some small-small bills, I am not looking for somebody who just need to be quenched only..i have no issues with your marital status and mostly I prefer married men . ********************************************************** For hookups with her, SMS/ WHATSAPP the word “AGATHA ” to 0726-162-180 TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. ********************************************************** Are you out there? You need only one lady to be meeting your bed needs once in a while? I prefer men 25yrs and above, respectful men Available day and night. Some people do not even keep their nails clean so it gathers a lot of germs and during the fingering, these germs are deposited in the vagina…leading to infection.

The possibility of picking infection when using it in that condition is high.