Netvibes rss feeds not updating

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If necessary, you can convert the article in ebook format, or share also with evernote, and obviously with main social networks and services.

Anyway, when you read an article, you have only the text, because the app has cached it, so no images, no ads or links, just all the complete article.

Everything besides the article title can be toggled on/off.✔ Voice Over can now also speak article summaries while still in a list of articles.✔ The Rotor now has the delete action everywhere you can delete something, like list of feeds, list of articles, list of bookmarks etc.

It looks like craigslist is once again blocking Feedly from accessing its RSS feeds.

It has an option to open links within feeds in an external browser.

Use keywords to filter your feeds and find information relevant to you.

Feed Demon is a very popular RSS reader for Windows, that allows you to easily stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from your favorite websites.

Feedreader is a simple RSS reader that supports all mainstream feed formats on market today and allows you to easily subscribe to a large number of feeds, automatically downloading the updates.

Lire version 1.9.12 has been released with many awesome Voice Over usability enhancements!

"What's New in Version 1.9.12 Accessiblity Improvements ✔ New section in settings called 'Accessiblity Options', allows users to set what Voice Over does, and does not speak in a list of articles.

However, some sites set up their feeds to only show a portion of each entry, youknow, to get you to click through to their actual website.