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What they do from there is up to them but you will have embedded the thought into their heads.

The real information gets through the filtering of the conscious and is perfectly understood by the subconscious of the target, who then creates the desired images of sexual content in her mind, intensifying therefore the state elicited through the embedded commands that Ross speaks out.

Our Speed Seducer has developed hundreds of patterns like the one mentioned before, all ready to be used by his students.

Online Players, Internet Predators, Cyberpaths, Dating Site Frauds, Cyberstalkers... NLP can be a powerful tool -- but in the hands of exploitative pathologicals? The state of arousal is created to overcome resistance or, even better, to lead the victim of the seduction process to apparently take control of the situation, by performing the physical action ultimately desired by the seducer or the seductress."Psychologist Margaret Singer described in her book "Cults in our Midst" six conditions, which would, she says, create an atmosphere where thought reform (online predators 'groom' their prey using thought reform) is possible. "The descendants of Casanova of our time are called Ross Jeffries, Major Mark Cunningham, Rob Johnson and David De Angelo.

We are exposed to it every day - so much so that we no longer see it.

If you want your own body's pheromones to work for you, do what I do - brush your teeth really really well, take a good clean shower, use a little antiperspirant and put under your armpits.

Baby powder (which women love the smell of, by the way) absorbs excess perspiration, while letting your natural pheromone musk perform it's sexual magic.

These techniques are used by Advertisers, Marketers, Politicians, even Con Men and Success Seminar Gurus.

Anyone - we mean ANYONE - irregardless of how smart or savvy you are - is a potential target.

During normal conversation, just mention the word 'comfortable' while doing a slight self-point.

Then, later, you'll mention the word 'trust' with the same self-point.

It's important to accept and face these concepts and not turn away from them. Note to women - much of this applies to women who want to date men as well! You must understand how important, how vital, how crucial, how critical, that you must understand each and every point laid out below. The mistake most men make is to wait for the woman to feel good about the relationship before he does. you better believe she's going to notice YOUR clothes, face, hair.