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You think Fantasy Football is even better than the real thing and that a spreadsheet is a perfectly reasonable way to keep track of past relationships.You’re already designing an art car for next year’s Burning Man, and you can’t stop talking about the endemic plants of the genus Ipomea that were recently put in to protect the coastal zone near your home.However, due to the recent switch to Facebook advertising, the growth rate has started to climb again.

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Jokes played on their dumbness, now the jokes mostly focus on social awkwardness of smart geeks – also not perfect. I know a very smart guy, well educated, but can’t find his way walking around the New York without his GPS, and not just town, but even around the block.The number of site members at the end of each month of operation is shown in the graph below.News needs to spread by word of mouth for it to grow.Anyway, I have uncovered several interesting former smart singles themed sites and followed the links to try reach their websites. Let us pause for a moment of silence to remember them.For the second problem, I have been working on different ads for women, trying different keywords, images and bids.

Unfortunately the ads targeted to single women cost almost double than those directed at men, and the join rate is not as high with women and men, but once women find out that the site is 62% men – hopefully the will be more eager to jump aboard.

This is the net number of members with profiles on the site. The all time number of unique profiles on the site is well above fifteen thousand, and so far there is about a 10% dropout rate with half of the dropouts reporting the reason for leaving is that they are no longer single.

What we noted in earlier posts was the acceleration of growth early this year, but then growth subsided as the Ad Words bidding cost rose dramatically.

How many mistakes can you find in the snapshot of their homepage?

I can spot at least half a dozen right off the bat. I’d bet that the software part of it actually functions ok, but they get a big zero on marketing. I’ve noticed a new trend of dating activities that involve intelligent themes such as meeting at a library or attending a science night at the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley: Geek-out on October 31. This is the description from their website: You know who you are…

Date-A-Doc has received positive press from the Canadian Medical Post, “Best of The Web”, California Physician Journal and mentioned in and ENET magazine..