Online dating sites for nigerians

for example you can't view profiles online and they won't introduce you to anyone till have gone thru this long set of questions and they've met or spoken to you. I don't know about all the sites you have tried, but I trust Friendite so much, because they are so down to earth, they also have a mobile number by which you can call and talk to them whenever you need more advance help.The site itself has a "live chat" were you can instantly chat with their support team.

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For now, offer 2 types of membership: standard and premium.

The standard membership is free while the premium membership cost N3,000 per month.

It took them 3 months to get me mr right but i was happy in the end.

It is not for everyone though as there rules are quite stringent. But all said and done Divineroots delivered for me and so I am still grateful to them but now I have found friendlite, I will tell my friends so they can do their search without having to go thru the long process i went thru. Most of dis so call naija dating site re fake n re nt real after providing all d necessary requirement they will still deny ur access cos u re MALE seeking membership but 4 ladies they quickly accept dem We'll my dear, you have a point in it, but believe me, Nigeria has changed so much, they have actually learned to keep to their words.

Some have been surviving since as far back as 2005.

Let's take a look at the top 4 Nigerian dating sites below.Friendite is more than just a dating site; its members can share photos, videos, create events, blogs and groups, read latest news and play games with other members.Friendite has a beautiful and sleek website and they have attracted over 64,000 registered members so far who visit the site about 9,000 times daily. Once you have uploaded your pictures, it takes 24 hours before it will be approved by the site, I believe the manually approve users pictures, In other to reduce the risk of scams and spammers. Because it's quite easy to upload pictures to the site when you visit with your laptop, i Pad or desktop computers Nice blog here, you actually took your time to notice the sites properly.Sexynaija can confidently boast of 534 visits to the site daily and they have over 31,000 registered members. came to life in 2008; they have a beautiful, simple and easy to navigate website which attracts about 3000 visits daily.Right now, they have about 44,000 registered members.If you are looking for "online dating for nigerians" You are exactly right.