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, with a julian date of 309 from last year - that is nov. That means these cigarettes, being retailed at full price, are exactly seven months old. Check the date on bottom of your cigarette purchases and lets send these stale cigarettes back to phillip morris before they start retailing year old stale product!!! They keep selling them as more people don't even bother if its stale or not.

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We, "the store" are told that they are good to be sold for 14 -16 months. If you find this happining in your area, talk to the store Mgr.

So basically, if you don't like it get the hell out of my store! Where "V" is Virginia, 077 is the second week of March. This proves the distributer Does Not Rotate their stock.

Some of you may know I have a fondness for Marlboro Smooth 100s.

They're not very popular in my area and I've been having difficulty finding fresh cartons.

I work closely with a Philip Morris Sales Representative since I am in charge of ordering the cigarettes at my job.

The actual shelf life of Philip Morris products is one year from the manufacture date.So, before you buy, how do you know you're purchasing something fresh?A date code is printed on every pack and every carton.I refuse to pay full price for cigarettes produced last year, and offer this info so others do the same to avoid a stale product.Years ago i was told, by a marlboro quality department employee, that the "average shelf - life" for cigarettes is 3 months, depending on storage conditions.Most store owners and their employees know nothing about the dates on smokes.