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I recoiled, horrified, and virtually vaulted the ticket gates.

The last time I heard from him was last week, thirteen months after I met him. *Addendum: if there are any lawyers out there who would like a chance to redeem the face of the profession by taking me on a more bearable date, please make yourselves known!

He’d already tried to “lure ‘n’ bore” me with the tale of how a famous comedienne had almost agreed to go on a date with him (at least she’d have got some material).

Residential property tax notices also include annual utility charges (water, garbage & sewer) while Commercial property notices include only sewer charges and receive a separate annual billing for water.

The due date each year for taxes is July 4, or the first working day thereafter.

I declined to answer (having accepted early into online dating that this is the most courteous and most unequivocal mode of rejection).

However, a lack of response was clearly too subtle for this gentleman. Since then I have received emails inviting me to obscure musical events in Dulwich, to fourth rate comedy in Croydon, comments on my updated dating site profile (hey, we’re not on Facebook here!His messages continued (albeit with slowly diminishing frequency) for months. ) and texts such as this (nine months after meeting): “Hey, what happened?I’ve had friends go quiet on me before, but not for so long and for no reason.” While wanting to reply that one evening spent trying to extricate myself from the musings of a prolix, pompous podge did not, in my view, equate to friendship, experience has taught me that if you don’t wish to receive ten more similar messages in the next 24 hours, it’s sadly best to stay quiet. Well, if E is anything to go by, to have a career in law you have to be persistent, you have to believe in yourself even when you know you’re talking utter rot – and, it seems, you must never take “no” for an answer.E had a great profile: witty, cheeky sparkle in the eye in his pic, plus he was a human rights lawyer (which I assumed meant he was smart, informed and noble). However, alarm bells sounded before we even got that far.I foolishly accepted his request to Skype, and it immediately became clear he was too pushy.Attorneys Lee, Eadon, Isgett, Popwell, and Owens is made up of a core group of attorneys that share a core value of excellence that shines through in every aspect of their practice.