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Just like in Thailand at weekends, the shopping malls, parks, beaches and discos are busy with single Malaysian girls that would like to make the acquaintance of Western men, both rich and (maybe not too) poor.All that is needed is a little confidence, a business card (always a great ice-breaker) and a line of sweet talk to start the ball rolling.

Singaporeans try to dress as much similar as Taiwanese, Korean & Japan etc.them they are their idol. Some try to benchmark Malaysians dress sense with them and judge them." (Cynthia Tan) DOM comments on The Malaysian: "At the risk of being castrated by feminists, I'll venture to say that some Malaysian women had lost their feminity.They are in-your-face, and talk and laugh louder than the men.The girl may not respond immediately because she is a little shy and maybe being watched by her friends, but there will usually be an email waiting in the inbox the next day.If anybody doubts this, try searching those Internet dating sites and comparing Malaysia to Thailand.Thus girls in Msia vary more." (Chriszie) "Being Malaysian - Ipoh girl looks cute and sexy too just like Michelle yeo, mann. " (Kaz) "All these talk about Singapore girls sets me into a deep mode of thoughts....about 20 years ago... Fortunately for me, complexity is not a national trait in Malaysia... Malaysian girls aren't totally adept at throwing on airs, like the girls in the west (or Japan). You could end up in jail doing something like that.

Singapore girls is no different than any other ladies in the society progress...things starts to compromise...can find most denizens in most develope or going to be deveope countries a wee bit cocky....maybe the price that we are all paying for what we call sophistication and modernisation...a point that relationship anf friendship becomes so complex.." (Dwane) NOW COMPLEXITY IN RELATIONSHIPS IS SOMETHING I HATE, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS NARCISSIC, NEUROTIC... This is a country in which it is illegal for girls to cut their hair short and act like tomboys, or indulge in lesbian activities.We have thousands of Malaysian girls profiles with photo personals ads for you to meet with.These Malaysian women can write English and speak English.And some men want to be treated to be treated like a king :)" A READER NAMED HARRY METLCALF WRITES IN A SUBMISSION TO STICKMAN: "Penang doesn't have the bargirls and street walkers as in Bangkok, but then lets pretend that for the purpose of this article the bar scene is not an option.In Penang, there is a fascinating blend of girls, from Chinese, Eurasian, Indian and mix-raced backgrounds.from my experience, the culture differences would be that the pace of life is slower over there and people tend to take life more easily compared to Singaporeans.