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It was where Facebook messages went to die if they were sent by someone who wasn’t your friend or friend-of-a-friend. A friend of mine once received a Facebook message from his long-lost brother he was separated from at birth 30 years ago in Vietnam.But he didn’t see the message for six months because it went to his Other Inbox.January 29, 2017 - Flirt with beautiful and sexy ladies with our free webcam chat! Visit your favorite girl or chat with sexy models by browsing our categories. "Spoiled Babe @Flirt_Babes from @Live Cams Mansion - Spy Hidden Cams Voyeur House" Category: Girls Next Door Hello dear ones!

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Now, any message from a non-friend who doesn’t have your phone number will go into your Message Requests at the top of Messenger on mobile or in the Messages tab on web.

From there, you can parse who to respond to and who to permanently ignore.

Delete or ignore a Message Request, and you won’t be notified about someone’s messages any more.

And thanks to Facebook’s spam detection systems that flag recently created accounts with few friends, Messenger can keep blocking them automatically even if they create a new account to try to harass you.

Going forward, it hopes to help you intelligently parse non-friend messages in a way SMS never could.

As long as your message matters, you can now contact any of the 1.5 billion people on Facebook.

This achieves what Leach calls “A level of openness where you can get in touch with anyone in the world but still have the control yourself of who contacts you and who can’t.” That last part is critical.

Make no mistake, this is a change in how the concept of privacy works for a massive swath of humanity.

One change to look out for is that messages from friends-of-friends will now be treated as requests.

Facebook will no longer bet that having a friend in common means you care to talk to someone.

“That’s why we want to replace that with a system that makes it a lot easier to catch the messages that you want to see.” It will be good for Facebook’s business too. The more useful Messenger is, the deeper users get locked in to Facebook’s ecosystem where they’ll see News Feed ads and generate data that earns Facebook money.