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Elder brother Edmond, who founded the Republic Bank in New York, died in a fire at his home in Monaco in 1999.The Safra family owned First International Bank of Israel until 2003.The son of a Boston cab driver, Adelson made and lost his first million on the stock market, went into real estate and got his big break when he created COMDEX, a computer trade show, in 1979 just as the personal computer market was taking off.

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Kaiser made his money as the head of the Kaiser-Francis Oil company, and as chairman of BOK Financial Corporation.Born in Aleppo, Syria, to a family with banking connections dating back to Ottoman times, Joseph Safra grew up in Beirut and moved with his family to Brazil in 1952.The family also owned a stake in Cellcom, which it sold to local businessman Nochi Dankner in 2005.Best known in Israel for his free daily newspaper Yisrael Hayom, now the country’s most widely read daily, Sheldon Adelson was once ranked the third-richest man in America with a fortune of .5 billion.Perelman also fought a court battle with his third wife Patricia Duff over the upbringing of their daughter Caleigh.

Perelman contended that Duff, who converted to Judaism when she married him, was not fully abiding by their prenuptial agreement to rear Caleigh as an observant Jew.

Among the companies that have passed through his hands are cosmetics giant Revlon, Marvel Entertainment and New World Communications, a TV corporation that was sold to Rupert Murdoch for billion. He is also a backer of the “Or Movement,” whose mission is to promote development in Galilee and the Negev.

A father of six, Perelman has been married four times, including, most recently, to actress Ellen Barkin, whom he sued along with her brother, claiming they drained money from a movie company they formed together.

The rest of the family, including Serge, was sent to Montluc and Drancy, German internment camps.

Following the war, Marcel and his family converted to Catholicism and changed their name.

Kiev-born Khan, along with another Russian Jewish billionaire, Mikhail Fridman, was one of the founders of the Alfa Group, one of Russia’s largest conglomerates, and runs the TNK oil giant that is part-owned by the group.