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He left for Rome in 1968 and made a lucrative career in doing voice-overs in the film industry there. If he complies, Fillmore will pay for Larson's daughter Julie's education back east. Fillmore soon suspects that the Captain betrayed him, though he didn't, and he kills him. Oftentimes, the crew recognizes movie stars and celebrities. Excellent music score David Rose based on "The Ponderosa" theme cue. Sheriff Buhler is portrayed by character actor Robert Karnes, making another appearance on the series, and James Mac Arthur makes his only appearance as Jace Fredericks. Mac Arthur is active these days on the fan circuit, radio, television and stage.

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Renegade Indians have been on the rampage attacking settlers and raising havoc in the West. In gratitude for Candy helping them, Ben hires him and he agrees to sign on at the Ponderosa on two conditions: that he can pack up and leave anytime he gets the notion or Ben can send him down the road whenever he wants. "Showdown at Tahoe" was fast-paced and exciting, and for an actor, a nice challenging role." Location Scenes Filmed at: Zephyr Cove and Tahoe Meadows, Lake Tahoe, Nevada with September 1967 stock footage of Rose Knob Peak and June 1962 stock footage of Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Ben's old friend has stolen money from corrupt politicians in New York and plans to invest in Nevada.

Joe and Hoss have gone to warn the settlers when Joe is shot with an arrow.

Character actors Ken Drake as Breck and Douglas Kennedy as Frazier make another appearance, and Jim Beck makes his last appearance on the series as Lt. Trivia: Stock footage was taken from Paramount's vast library of films for many shots of the rampaging Indians in all four acts of this episode. Location Scenes Filmed at: Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Desert, California. Mexican prospectors take Joe hostage and demand ,000 dollars in gold for his return. Pilot boats nudged the Dixie II to her new home at the Zephyr Cove Resort pier. Trivia: This episode marks the second outdoor opening scene of Candy, standing under the pines at Zephyr Cove, at the beginning credits.

Bettye Ackerman, actress and wife of the late Sam Jaffee plays Estelle, with character actor Joe De Santis as Dawson, the dying doctor, in a poignant and sensitive performance. He would film his second three months later in August, after the 12-week hiatus was finished out. After 10 hours, the boat was in enough water to float free. Now the Dixie II cruises Lake Tahoe year round, delighting all who come aboard with the traditions of friendly service and great times that began on the Dixie I. Newly filmed September 1967 stock footage of the Cartwrights and Candy is seen at Tahoe Meadows and Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Hoss cannot convince Andy Buchanan they convicted the wrong man of murder, and when Andy refuses to testify against the real killer, the results are grim.

Miles did double Candy, but since he played the Indian, it required Ray Mazy to double Candy on the horse. Trivia: As this episode opens, a filmed shot of Washoe Lake is seen from one of the scenic overlooks on the eastern side of the Mount Rose Summit reused from 1962 filmed footage at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt for Dan Blocker and extra as cowboy in saloon),... And stuntman Fred Carson does a few bit parts, one for an uncredited Mexican actor who gets into the fight with Joe and for Kelly Thordsen, when he assaults the gold detector and it explodes.

Stunt Trivia: In the big fight at Gooseneck Meadow has Bob Miles as the Paiute, who rides up to Candy and attacks him. Polly Burson (uncredited; stunt double for Kim Darby). Mexican actor Mike de Anda portrays Corrales, also seen as one of the Mexican prospectors in nine's "The Conquistadores".

A few more stock shots of some wolves howling are cut in, along with a June 1961 stock shot of the moon rising at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Most people consider Mark Cole a coward, but he does not hesitate to step forward when his brother attempts to break a horse by torturing it. The stuntmen would always play the Paiute Indians in all the fight scenes in episodes on the show. Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker),... Veteran movie and TV actor Paul Fix makes his first of two appearances also, along with a returning Dub Taylor and Chubby Johnson, this time as the hilarious Simon and Cash.

Their foreman, Donny Buckler, has stashed ,000 dollars and Dibbs will stop at nothing short of murder to get his hands on it. Location Scenes Filmed at: RKO Forty Acres, Culver City, Southern California and June 1962 stock footage at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California accompanied by stock footage from Paramount's film library, depicting the cattle drive shots as this episode opens up. Both wore wet suits to protect themselves from getting hypothermia from the cold water in the creek. Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon and townsman in horse race),... Trivia: Wally Cox makes the first of two appearances, in this one as Professor Mc Nultey.

Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback double and stunt double for Michael Landon),... Hoss reacts to this and Bill Clark doubles him as he rides up and jumps off the horse to stop the Paiute. He is past his peak of performance in this episode for being 24 years old. Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker).. Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt for David Canary),... Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker),... John Hubbard makes another appearance, previously in five's, "The Roper" and in six's, "To Own The World".

The action cuts to Bob playing another Paiute, who goes after Ben, being doubled by another stuntman, and gets kicked and falls to the ground. The white markings on his rear legs have been painted over to match the rest of his black presence. Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene).... Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback double for James Mac Arthur and Michael Landon, and extra as cowboy at Rimville corral),... Carl Reindel as Andy, making his second appearance, previously seen in four's, "The Beginning", and later in twelve's, "Thornton's Account" as Frank Wells.

Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker),... Michael Landon only does his close-ups as Joe for the above scenes on the soundstage and location, but is fully able to do his complete fight on Stage 16 in this excellent episode. Location scenes filmed at: Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California and Solitude Canyon and Spooner Lake, at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. A young girl's ownership of a beloved stallion is jeopardized by the "big plans" of her scheming father. Location Scenes Filmed at: Janss Conejo Ranch, Southern California and June 1962 stock footage of Washoe Lake from Mount Rose Summit, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Jamison Fillmore and his cunning gang plan to rob a million dollars from Ben's timber operation, then use his paddle wheel steamboat, the Dixie, to escape across Lake Tahoe. She was also very popular for political fundraisers, decked out in red, white, and blue for the likes of then Nevada Senator Paul Laxalt. Hal Baylor making another appearance, last seen in eight's, "Old Charlie", and in this season's, "The Stronghold". In the barn fight, when Rio is about to steal the black horse, Candy gets into a fight and in one over-the-shoulder shot, is doubled by Bob Miles, getting hit over the head. "The Ponderosa" theme cue that opens the episode was later re-adapted as the end title music for 'Little House on the Prairie.' Guest Stars: Professor Albert Mc Nultey...