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Genghis Khan notoriously used captured women as sexual slaves.However, not all peoples have employed sexual violence as a war measure.

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The Russians raped women (and some men), whether Russian (their own), Ukrainian, or German, and so did the Germans, even Jewish women and others legally rendered untouchable with the racial laws.

Perhaps someday the German government will acknowledge and apologize for the widespread system of sexual slavery (forced prostitution) the Germans instituted during World War II, and more people will be aware of the widespread occurence of rape against all kinds of victims, regardless of race or culture.

It also presented an opportunity to make a call back to my prior Go T piece and incorporate the Crow into the flames of those about to lose the battle.

This information needs to be readily available to those interested, and I know that many do not have access to dissertations.

At least 200,000 rural and poor, Korean and other Asian women, including some European women, were recruited under false pretenses or were forcibly abducted, made to serve up to 90 soldiers a day, were beaten, gang raped and kept in seclusion. It is estimated that between 70 and 90 percent died in captivity.

Until 1993, the Japanese government denied any coercion in the recruitment of women into the Yoja Chongsindae (Women’s Voluntary Labor Service Corps).

For example, in some instances, mass rape is a formal military strategy, while in other cases mass rape can be the results of cultural attitudes, sexual drive, drunkenness, and an undisciplined military company.

According to historian Gerda Lerner, the first evidence of the enslavement and sexual abuse of captured women after military conquest dates from the third millennium B. With the establishment of slavery as an institution, slave owners rented out their slaves as prostitutes or worked them in commercial brothels.

Sex crimes during wartime occur in a wide variety of contexts.

Often the perpetrators commit mass rape and leave the victims to suffer or die where the crime occurred.

By World War II state organized, regulated, and enforced sexual slavery of captured women became major institutions of Germany and Japan.