Sex card

So today she tells Dale she’s “uncomfortable” here and wants him to move out because she thinks me and my lady are going to hit on her or something, she doesn’t like living with lesbians, cause it’s not “normal”, so now I’m pissed.

Then, Dale goes, “well you don’t live here, so it shouldn’t be a problem, just stop coming over.” Things escalated and Dale is trying to break up with her, but she won’t leave our house. So, Dale barges in my room wearing a bathrobe and goes, “call every lesbian you know, we’re smoking this bitch out!

Sex card-67

To the point its regarded as un natural or ‘gross’?Because, that’s where we currently are; our own bodies revolt us, and we shame people for having hair that we have too! This is one of those sex-etiquette questions that you wouldn’t ever have thought would ever come up.The words are molded into the plugs, so they won’t wear off with time.Super durable hygienic silicone plugs insert up to 3″ and are 1.5″ at the widest, for just the right amount of stimulation.Having a ‘type’ is one thing, but this voicing usually goes well beyond expressing a personal preference, and marches straight into outright revulsion at the prospect of a lady garden gone to seed. When did our body hair, hair we have all got, hair that is supposed to be there, elicit the same levels of disgust as a matted hairball bunging up the plughole?

It gets even stranger when you consider that a mere two-foot north of the offending silent beard is another crop of hair that we collectively devote billions of pounds every year to styling.

Meanwhile, here is a tangentially limerick that spun out of my fingertips while I was writing down the pee ones (which are much funnier, I promise.) This one got rejected from the cycle due to humorlessness and a technical lack of subject-matter relevance: Women-in-prison movie scenes cross multiple genres of what we oldsters still sometimes call “film”.

From PG-13 thrillers to grindhouse sexploitation to straight-up porn, such scenes always find an audience.

A cursory glance at any hair style magazine reveals adjectives such as ‘glamorous’, ‘sultry’, ‘flowing’ and ‘luxurious’ being used to describe a mop that top and tails another barnet capable of making adults wince.

Again, I am not trying to convince you to allow your squirrel to go feral, but I do want to pause on this issue and ask why have we become so anti-fuzz?

It is inevitable: whenever I post an image of a woman with a full bush an argument ensues.