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While you’re busy trying to deal with Facebook and Twitter, the teenagers in your life are busy sending messages and photos of themselves.

Except, of course, 4chan isn’t a he, she or even it.It’s an online community, virtually anonymous (which is why some of those claiming to be Anonymous can be found there) and offers a bizarre combination of libertarianism, socialism and nudity – and that’s just the main channel.“Infamous” is probably the best word to describe Snapchat, an app intended for over 12s according to Apple’s App Store and with a poor reputation for sending auto-deleted sex-related messages and photos between contacts.This is certainly not a service you should be happy for your children to be using, even if those images are deleted.A quick search of the #selfie hashtag will reveal young people naively sharing their faces.

Twitter privacy settings are the answer here, accessible via Settings Privacy.

Photos will now only be shown to followers rather than shared publically.

Additionally, any new followers must have their requests approved. You Now ( is essentially a live You Tube (as you might have guessed from the name) and it’s taking teenage social networking by storm with its trendy name, youthful-looking demo actors and easy to use apps.

Enabling Tweet privacy and ensuring that Tweet location is disabled is a start, while disabling Discoverability will block a user being found by searching for an email address.

Setting a suitable Photo Tagging option (preferably Do not allow) should also help protect the privacy of your teen.

A surprising addition to this list, perhaps, but Instagram – the friendly, hipster photos-with-filters sharing site now owned by Facebook – is a place where teenagers and young adults regularly upload snaps.