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Yes, it really does, however you have to Wake up the computer first, WAIT for the circle to fill up, THEN knock.

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Read more Using i Tunes is not the preferred method to many people as it is complicated and time-consuming.Sometimes i Tunes even give errors during the restoring process. The advanced system repairing will wipe all data and settings including the lock screen passcode. Download matching firmware package for your i OS device. Start repairing system after firmware package is downloaded completely.However, it also brings huge headache if you forgot your i OS 10 or i OS 9 i Phone/i Pad lock screen passcode.You may be seriously looking for solutions for "my i Phone is locked". When you enter the wrong passcode 6 or more times, you will see a message on the i Phone screen saying "i Phone is disabled" and suggesting you to try it later.i Tunes should alert you that it has detected i Phone in recovery mode.

Click "OK" and click "Restore" to restore your i Phone.

After restoring you can set up the phone as a new i Phone and reset a new lock screen passcode.

In fact, i Phone can erase itself after ten consecutive wrong password attempts and the setting of this function is off by default.

If you try too many times, your i Phone many display the message telling you "i Phone is locked connect to i Tunes".

There are many methods in the Internet that claim to help you bypass your i Phone password, but most of them don't work at all.

Then I literally pick my phone up and knock on it twice like I’m knocking on a door.. BUT- when I leave my phone in the other room and I’m wearing my Watch, I can just raise my wrist, swipe up to reveal the Knock Glance, tap, and it unlocks my Mac! AND I can LOCK my Mac while I’m ‘Netflix-ing and Chilling’ in the living room. After sending an email about some mac OS Sierra glitches, the developer had an update in a few days fixing all the glitches.