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They did not specify the kind of punishment they were planning to introduce.Currently, the clients of sex workers are not punishable under Tajik law, although in practice a lot usually pay bribes in order to avoid public shaming on TV bulletins or on the interior ministry's website.

In practice, as stated in Reporting From The Shadows, this article is used by police to target sex workers for extortion under threat of fines, arrest, and detention.

Police routinely disclose sex workers’ work in their communities through these interactions.

Actually young women are caught into the sex industry toils and forced to become sexual slaves.

The Interior Ministry solved 15 cases of trafficking in women in 2007.

With no doubt a patriarchal society affected by economic crisis is a hotbed for prostitution and sexual slavery.

However, prostitution has shown some vague signs of slowing down.

Sex workers in Tajikistan are stigmatised and experience discrimination by society and law enforcement agencies.

Many women in Tajikistan work as sex workers because wages are very low in other jobs.

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These practices counter the International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights and further expose sex workers to violence and discrimination.