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‘That was a one-off and I would advise all women against inviting a stranger to their home.Using condoms goes without saying.’ PR exec Julie, 29, has been using Craigslist, the classified adverts website that features an NSA section, for two years.‘I felt liberated because we were both clear about what we wanted.

‘We love that first kiss, first touch and first [sexual experience with a new partner].

We dress up, our body feels heightened and we’re excited.

ecently I've read several blogs written by experienced backpackers who offer their well-intentioned tips on having good, clean sex in hostels around the world.

They list advice about soil-free sheets, using condoms and not being excessively noisy and disturbing fellow hostelers.

In your social circle you drop the name of a new man that attracts you and one of your girlfriends might say, "I know him..guy' or 'He dated my cousin' When you're in a foreign culture and just passing through there is absolutely nobody you can rely on to tell you the real truth. | gal-friendly city sites | go-alone travel tips | love stories travel classifieds | ms.

Don't for one minute believe that 'his friends' will tell you anything but nice things about your suitor. he article, She Teaches Italian Men was written by Sheila Wright for Journeywoman in 1996. Sheila Wright married her Italian boyfriend who followed her back to Ontario, Canada. biz | journey doctor | women's travel tales | she goes shopping what should I wear?A recent survey found that 75 per cent of women are cheered up by having sex with a loving partner. But a lot of men we have sex with just aren’t good boyfriend material.’ However, she concedes: ‘I do miss the companionship and it would be nice to have someone I could introduce to my children. We can meet, drink, laugh and then do what adults do – then YOU LEAVE with no obligations.But I feel I would just be ticking a box.’ Lonely Hearts? If we meet again then so be it; if not, GET OVER IT!All you become is a notch in their collective belt and by morning they are planning their next conquest.- The concept of six degrees of separation doesn't exist on the road.I don’t have a partner because I don’t like the responsibilities that come with being in a relationship.’ Satisfying desires According to Dr Pam Spurr, psychologist and author of Sensational Sex, the women fall into two camps.