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As I lay on my back, my mind goes back to those pictures, I wrap my hand around my cock, and I jerk off silently, thinking of the blonde woman.

I feel horny as hell, and I can't wait to get back home, log on the Internet and find some hot girl to chat with and cum with. I'm still in a strange mood, but I'm not going to walk away from free booze and crackers. I sit down in front of the TV, switch on ESPN to watch some baseball recap.Not that the staff is particularly feminine, except for Lorna who is 30 going on 60 and wears far too much make-up. I rememeber I have to drive home, so I keep it light. I look over my shoulder at you -- relaxed from the day, wearing a silk robe that shows off advantageously your body. Dinner is spent in a mix of chatting and long silences, and I keep throwing glances at the way your tits sway under the think fabric, getting a little turned on when I think I can make out a nipple. Four or five stories later, I'm beginning to think of going back to picture-hunting. The story tells of a guy who had to go to a big party with a date but got dumped at the last time. We all get a little disappointed when things do end up the way we wanted them to. Sixteen pictures, no cumshot, to be very technical. The pictures are nice but not great, showing the blonde lady in various stages of undressing, until a guy enters the scene and she starts sucking on his cock. I decide to call it a day, it's already past midnight and I don't want to stay up too late.

I hear you climb the stairs, you knock on my door and I lock the computer screen right away. I can feel my cock tighten whenever I look at a picture where the resemblance is striking, soften for the others.

about you smiling at me with cum dripping from your lips ... The fullness of your hips, the heaviness of your tits, your mouth ... I manage to get my head cleared during the day -- a slow day, where I spend most of the time sitting in the backroom chatting with Steve about music and movies.

those thoughts make my head spin -- and my cock ache in my trunks, as I try to chew down my cereals. Richard, obviously in a good mood, allows us to leave earlier -- too bad his birthday comes only once a year. I switch on the TV, get a coke, then climb up to my room to check my emails. and I end up checking a website with dirty stories, checking out the mom-son ones.

Bots, bots and bots, and not a single interesting conversation in about half an hour. I browse a few pictures, find a couple sexy ones, then a link has me stumbling on thumbnails for different galleries of pictures -- sorted by categories, ranging from "schoolgirls" to "asians" to "anal" to "animals" to "grannies" and worse things even.

I close the door after you leave, and get back to the computer.

As it is often the case with online chat, I don't get lucky this evening. or else, I'll have to stand up before you with a full hard-on.