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Normally the details view control automatically detects whether to pass a null in the parameter.

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After setting the Details View’s Item Updating method, you will need to modify the SQL Data Source’s Update Command, Update Command Type, and Update Parameters.

The legacy code in the SQL data source used a update statement with parameters.

would you mind me to ask about something about it again? if the @quser parameter, i want to use the system's value. So, for example you could do this: Notice the new On Inserting="On_Inserting" attribute. This post has been edited by de212: 22 August 2010 - AM If changing it to protected doesn't work then try public. after i changed to protected it got a error, there say quser must have a control ID, so i simply assign a textbox for it.. =)..thanks alot for helping so now i can go on my project..

On Inserting specifies that you want to handle the inserting event, "On_Inserting" is the name of the function that you want called when that event occurrs.

I face some problem in setting the parameter when i want to set the sqldatasource insert parameter to some other value, eg: the current time and date when i store it into the database.

here is my code for i want to set the @date to today's date and time, what should i type to set the value of date to be the system's current date and time.NET code, whereas with the Data Set, you would need to create an object of the appropriate type - Data View, then iterate the Data Row View collection to access the values.In this, the code is remarkably similar to accessing values directly from a Data Set's table collection using plain ADO. The code below shows the contents of an aspx file, which contains four label controls, the two Access Data Source controls and two Sql Data Source controls.To programmatically access the contents of a Sql or Access Data Source control you need to explicitly call its Select() method.This method accepts a single input parameter of type Data Source Select Arguments.If the Data Source Mode is set to Dataset, or not set at all (which means that the default setting of Dataset is used) the object that is returned is a Data View. It exposes methods that allow you to filter and sort data, for example, and bind it.