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A combination of appetite and responsibility carried us forward. His power and persistence, his intelligence and humour, his enormously generous hospitality and friendship informed all of our activities.

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But there are some things about Dil that Fergus doesn't know either.

in its first London production, at the Royal Court Theatre, in 1973.

The Special Tribute Award is giving each year to someone who has built up an outstanding body of work and is a vibrant presence within Irish theatre.

Previous winners include Olwen Fouéré, Marie Mullen and Tom Murphy.

I am a Republican, born and bred, as were my mother and father before me and theirs before them.

I have no time for people who constantly change their position.Miraculously, no one was killed as a direct result of the blast, although one of the injured later suffered a fatal heart attack that was attributed to the bombing.Arrested within hours, along with her sister Marian, Gerry Kelly, Hugh Feeney and six others, Price was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.Many of the leaders of the Irish Republican movement were under a broadcast ban by the British authorities and they were forced to use a third party to communicate with the public.Their life together experienced a strange twist on reality, when Rea was cast to portray an IRA hitman in the 1992 film, Rea received rave reviews for the role and he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.His first hit play, had such urgency that its director, Albert Finney, demanded that the Court alter its schedule to stage it as soon as possible. By 1980, as the nightmare of the North continued, Field Day had been formed, driven by some irenic impulse, and had been other than the great play it is, perhaps that would have been the case.