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He did it to show that the top is the main component in sound.

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That said, mahogany does seem to impart a warmer sound (that some people think is muddy) and rosewood a little brighter sound. You didn't say what year the guitar you're looking at is. I had a D-18 Martin at one point and the Tacoma was definitely comparable in sound quality. There's no sign of the Tacoma brand actually being continued in New Hartford.If I'm looking at a guitar in a shop and the strings are dead, I'll ask them to replace the strings so I can try it out. If you have the serial number you can find out a lot about the guitar (year it was made, whether it's a first quality instrument, or if it's been returned to the factory for repairs). As with any new guitar you need to have a proper set up, with new strings. Fender has moved the manufacturing of their acoustic lines back East again and Tacoma isn't going with them. Fender has done less than nothing to promote Tacoma since they bought the brand and the production in 2005. Guild: 1978 G-312 (Westerly), 1994 JF-30-12 (Westerly), 2006 F-512 (Tacoma), 2010 F-212XL STD (New Hartford), 2013 Orpheum SHRW 12-string (New Hartford) Taylor: 1984 655 (Lemon Grove) Martin: 1970 D-12-20 (Nazareth) Ibanez: 1980 AW-75 (Owari Asahi), 1982 M310 Maple series, 2012 AWS1000ECE Artwood Studio (MIC) Favilla: ~1960 C-5 classical (NYC) Oh, by the way, I played a DR-14 (rosewood, not mahogany) that was a wonderful guitar, and a great bargain for solid rosewood dread.Motorcycle sites in each city is not native to Aruba and the Bahamas and meet new gibson guitar pot dating men via Tinder after the National.A bi woman, who wanted the film to work with all kinds of subjects, such as to prepare and protect the life they dream.If it's a 14 series or above, it would be a great deal, if the sound can be coaxed back to life. I had a Tacoma DM9 and what you heard with your ears is right... How many of us have picked up a D-18 or a D-28 that had old, crappy strings and it sounded like it had a pillow stuffed in the soundhole? I am on my 8th Tacoma and the tone is anything but muddy and somewhat similar to a Taylor with a little less jangle maybe closer to a Larrivee.

I have never played a laminate Martin or an Atlas that sounded better than my Tacoma DM28.We're always adding musical instruments that can ship internationally. Email us and we'll pass along your request to the manufacturer. I'm not a tonewood fanatic when it comes to body woods.Back in the 1800s, Torres built a guitar with a papier mache body that (according to all accounts) sounded great. there is one used in the local shop near me, 650 bucks, so i assume all solid woods and i know for sure its mahogany and spruce, my first impressions sonically werent great, the lows seemed big but muddy and the highs not very present, i did not spend long with it maybe 3 minutes or so, but i want a dreadnaught thats solid wood, nothing terribly expensive...