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, our platform for measuring app performance, we did a deep dive into dating app statistics.

It is possible that women view these services as more reputable because they are not perceived as “hook up” apps.These are the best dating apps for men (specifically, straight men) in terms of the men-to-women ratio.Happn is number one in terms of sessions per day, with more than double the number of sessions of Tinder.Happn is a unique service that uses geolocation data to inform users when they cross paths in real life.But the data also reflects that choosing a dating app is a matter of picking your style of dating.

Users engage with Happn frequently—it’s a good choice if you want dating to be a spontaneous, ever-present endeavor.This illustrates how engaged an audience is with a particular app.Grindr leads the pack for this measure by more than 10%.But it might mean that people are actually finding relationships. Straight men may want to check out Coffee Meets Bagel, while straight women can confidently choose between a number of apps where the gender ratio is favorable.Bumble is a hub for twentysomethings, while Match has the most users in their fifties.This model encourages people to use the app multiple times per day, since they just might have a serendipitous, romantic encounter.