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Falmouth was chosen as the home port for the service as it was the most westerly large port in the country.

She said she spoke to staff who told passengers twice once they boarded and again when the food trolley was offered not to eat nuts.Katy said: “They said there was a child on board with a very severe nut allergy, so no nuts purchased in the airport should not be consumed and they would be selling no nuts on the flight.“But 20 minutes into the flight Fae said: ‘Mummy, my face hurts’.“She started scratching her checks so I took her to the front and said I think somebody has opened nuts.He was incredibly selfish.“The air cabin crew were really good and gave her a flannel and some ice.“But she was becoming quite poorly.As we sat down, Fae’s breathing deteriorated, her tongue was swollen and her lips were blistered.“For a few moments Fae stopped breathing.We welcome you to Prospect House and as your hosts will make sure your stay is a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Carolyn Hartley looks forward to welcoming you to Prospect House.Ryanair staff told Katy the man who had opened the packet of nuts would be banned from all flights for life.She said: “If you hear an announcement, then don’t ignore it.“It was a very lucky escape.Kate & Simon Have a browse through our local area and attractions pages to help plan your holiday, or ask for first hand recommendations from your host, Carolyn Hartley.Look no further than Penryn Town itself, Cornwall’s best kept secret, brimming with history, spectacular views and quaint shops.John Tilly (1775-1843) was the eldest of six brothers from Penryn, all of whom were involved in either the Packet service or in the Royal Navy.