Too young for online dating

And if you can’t help wanting to date or marry a woman a few years or even decades younger, how could you be certain she’s hanging around for love instead of those keys from Mercedes Benz?

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A study by Pew Research Center found that usage among those aged 55-to-64 has doubled over the years.

In example, in 2013, only 6% of that age group reported using online dating, whereas, 12% currently report using the Internet to date.

Here are three common concerns people have about dating online as an older person. ) This is especially not true for men, as older men have more options than older woman do because statistics show they are more likely to be able to date younger.

By age 48, men have twice as many pursuers online than women.

There is no problem with dating at any age; yet, we often shy away from dating people of different ages, fearing age will be the reason it doesn’t work out. Some will argue that it does because our culture appears to be youth-obsessed.

Due to this way of thinking, one of the biggest questions people will ask before trying online dating is whether or not they are too old to be doing so.But let’s be real here: A girl graduating high school and hooking up with a guy already looking forward to retirement is a fantasy. If you’re bothered by these items while watching her in her newest bikini as you contemplate even taking your shirt off at the beach, well, fantasies are great but it’s time for a more realistic approach to finding a mate. It isn’t going to work if you have grand kids and she desires her firstborn. Are you in a relationship where the age difference is a primary concern? It’s a well-known fact men are much more visual than women when it comes to attraction.We analyze the exterior first before walking across the dance floor and exploring deeper.However, the rise of online dating has opened many doors for people who have previously had trouble dating, or have been afraid that they were too old to date.