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We’re speaking on the phone, though I have no idea where she’s calling from.

She’s begging Ellie to set them up.” also says that both of those stories were “utterly false,” and citing their own source, report that they believe the latest churning of the Prince Harry-Taylor Swift rumor mill to be false as well.The closest Prince Harry and Taylor Swift have been by documented accounts, was the time they appeared on the cover of Meanwhile, as the Prince Harry and Taylor Swift rumors persist, some truth is coming out on the real reason behind the breakup that has kept the prince single for two years, and the breakup that devastated royal watchers everywhere.The reports that a biographer who is close with Cressida Bonas’s mother has said that the split was caused by the constant criticism that Cressida received whenever she was out with Prince Harry.Ingrid Seward is a royal biographer who has authored books such as Seward says Cressida would hear criticism every time they went out, even on the streets.He even got a little hands-on in being active, and was asked by the crowd if he could “dab,” form of urban dance.

In true Prince Harry form, he did a little dab for the crowd, and the ladies went wild. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, this weekend, according to the Taylor Swift event schedule. She once said she would be “traditional,” like Jackie Kennedy, and on the question of what causes she might support, she has noted she is already involved in “many, many charities.” She elaborated: “Many different charities involving children, involving many different diseases.”In this respect, she is just like her husband. She makes meaningful eye contact and emphatically repeats affirmative, folksy banalities—she “has a thick skin,” she takes things “day by day,” she follows the news “from A to Z”—until the interviewer either is transported into a supra-verbal understanding or decides it’s pointless to press for specifics.But unlike her husband, Melania is reserved, polite, and steady, say those close to her.Prince Harry is now in Norway for the Triplex 16 event, his next charity work, a military humanitarian and protection exercise, touted as one of the largest of its kind in the world. How does a shy ex-model make her way from Slovenia to, just maybe, the White House?The fifth in line to the throne of the Commonwealth, Prince Harry, may well be the world’s most eligible bachelor. When his two-year relationship with Cressida Bonas ended in 2014, it devastated royal watchers everywhere, who were certain Cressie was “The One.” But it also sent the fifth in line to the throne on a two-year-long mission of single status that, by all accounts, continues today.