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Electoral roll information helps companies to confirm your name and address quickly.

It means they can check that people live at the address given on their application forms and helps prevent fraud and money laundering.

Most jurisdictions close updating of electoral rolls some period, commonly 14 or 28 days, before an election, but some American jurisdictions allow registration at the same time as attending a polling station to vote, and Australia closes the rolls 7 days after an election is called, rather than with reference to election day.

If you think the electoral roll has been published incorrectly contact your local authority directly.

If you've already done so and have documentation from the local authority confirming an amendment to the electoral roll, forward this to all credit reference agencies. Click here for contact information for other credit reference agencies.

They may also be used to select people for jury duty.

Electoral rolls, under various names, are used in, for example, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, but not all jurisdictions require voter registration as a prerequisite for voting, such as in the State of North Dakota in the United States.

The main function of an electoral roll is to combat electoral fraud by enabling authorities to verify the identity and entitlement to a vote of applicants, and to streamline voting on election day, and to ensure a person doesn't vote multiple times.

In jurisdictions where voting is compulsory, the electoral roll is used to indicate who has failed to vote.The electoral roll information we hold does not show the exact dates of residency but the dates your name was registered by the Local Authority.It is possible, although lenders don't tell us why they refuse applications.Currently, the electoral roll records just the name and address of the voter, although in previous years occupation was also recorded.Since 21 July 2004 the Commonwealth electoral roll cannot be sold in any format.If other people are recorded on the electoral roll at your address, we will hold this information and lenders will be able to see this if it is relevant to a credit application they receive.