Updating firmware in belkin router

The Belkin routers are accessed through particular administrative account, router manufacturers set a default username and default password for this account at the factory.

For changing this default password, you need to login to the router's administrative mode through a web browser by using your current password and username.

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A router is a device used for exchanging data packets between one computer to other in a network.

In this tutorial let us check how to verify your Belkin router is having the latest version of firmware and if it is not, download and update the latest version released for the specific model.

Sometimes you may receive error while this process.

Make sure that you update the firmware successfully.

If there is any interruption in the update process, it may affect the operation of the router.

Belkin router firmware checker will inform you if there is an updated version the model you have.

At the bottom of this window, you can see a direct download link to download updated version for the device model you have.

This direct link help you to download the right software for your model automatically.

Before this facility, we manually select the website for the new release.

You need to download firmware from the Belkin website. Use any option like 'Advanced', 'Maintenance' or 'Router Upgrade' and continue with the firmware upgrade with the downloaded file.