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Maybe I can use a Linux CD to access the BIOS password Drive. Our security policy states we must have a power on password set in our bios.I know how it sucks to have a restricted laptop, I not only want to play games, but run all my programs I do at home and encrypt/hide some of my files too. You can't get to the bios to change to boot to another device (USB) without first knowing the power on password.I work for HP, we hack your old laptops all time time: Power-on BIOS passwords hack:1) IBM - Press BOTH mouse keys repeatedly during power up.2) " Backdoor" BIOS passwords ( from IBM Manuals) try 'merlin' or see Remove BIOS battery backup...drain and rest4) Attach floppy and " Flash" BIOS to new version without passwords...

ANY system where you have access to it's console will give you an opportunity to where you can login and see files, run your own browser or copy files.

By modifying the BIOS or "Flash'ing" new BIOS you can override both BIOS protected passwords and reboot from other devices or peripherials...

Use a non-locked controller3) Perform forensic binary transfer to HDD without lock HW enabled. I've tried HP tech-support who asked me for photo-id/a signed declaration that I own the laptop/receipt/proof of address/sworn affidavit that I will hand-over my first born etc that I've sent, but not heard anything else : /I've read that with the serial number HP can tell me the "master" BIOS password for the laptop. The only other option at the moment that I can see is to get a laptop-> IDE cable and use dd to copy a disc-image onto the hard drive.

Easy weekly...don't be fooled that no-one can get your data..I get the platters your toast... When I got the new one, it was larger than the original one, so I yanked that one, and put in the new one. If it were stored in the hard drive, it wouldn't have come up. Even as the manufacturer, IBM/Lenovo can not remove power on or hard disk wrong...sorry... If it's NOT on your harddrive it would be USLESS as I put it in another PC and I see your data..The HDD passwd is on the ALT Bootstrap sector and read by the controller...replace that and it "forgets". I've already tried using a LNX BBC Live CD but the external CD drive is obviously not set up as a boot device in the BIOS.*This is a £30 donor laptop for (Yet Another) digital photo-frame mod so I'm loathe to spend £90 for someone with a PIC programmer to flip a bit on the BIOS chip.

Once the BIOS (bypass BIOS passwords on page 6) is set to boot from other media (USB/CD/DVD) you can load you OWN OS and login. Load a small Linux or other OS, fast and easy from USB or CD/DVD (see Live CD or use my instructables) ///post your ideas///! Specific PXE or GRUB boots and small USB drives can boot most any OS you choose. But the easy way to take it over is to reset the BIOS password, but I don't want to get caught again, try UBCD or something and Moba Live CD to crack the BIOS or modify it.

I originally thought of cracking the BIOS with software, now I found I can modify the BIOS to get the password or not require it temporarily and put it back the original password.

Even as the company that manufactures the machine (back when IBM did that), we couldn't remove the power on or hard drive passwords.

So, while your method will work on a machine not protected with a power on password or a hard drive password, it will NOT work on every machine.

It's not encrypted nor protected except for EFS or secured shadowed and hidden file systems using triple DES and PGP. Modify as below the "Boot order"Insert a CD/DVD or USB boot drive and your in!

(see instructables for ISo images or USB thumb drive) Windows Computers are designed to not allow remote access.

Do you have access to a schools computer, library or Internet Cafe' ?