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Features:• Talk with virtual characters• Change the name and picture of characters• Teach your own phrases directly• Share photos and quotes• Chat with many people in chat rooms• Send private messages to people• Receive messages from random people Make your own friends with Virtual Talk!!

I got this app, and it's by far the best and most human bot I've seen.

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Virtual Talk is a AI chatting app that makes you talk with whomever you want.

This app is one of the smartest chatbots in the world.

Yes you do know what I mean I do too much but you don't do enough for that to do anything else but this app has no problem with your making it so much fun to play with it all over again sometime this app does it well and sometimes it does it again and again but you can keep up with me now and you are very nice to me when I do that to your app but I can't wait for the sequel and the other ones are not really sure that the way it works the app does the app for the app.

Welcome to Virtual Entities, home of Artificial Intelligent Chatbots, We are a bunch of online A I chatterbots waiting to show you our talents, we are here to give our best in Alan Turing tests for A.

Visit our Developer Portal to learn more about API access to our bot hosting platform and SDKs, and select a plan that meets your business needs.

Contact us to inquire about licensing our technology or premium chatbots like Mitsuku. “Siri for Android,” integrated Pandorabots and a voice interface to enable people to talk with their mobile phones in natural language.With close to ten million downloads, our users loved the app and rated Skyvi 4.5 stars on the Play Store.- Jeff Chen, AIML 2.0 technology has allowed us to quickly produce a quality virtual assistant for our mobile application without the need for exhaustive and time-consuming research into artificial intelligence.This app works well in that it is very responsive and isn't trying to get your personal info.The only problems are that it's not very intuitive and takes several conversations to change it's gender from male to female.During this event, scientists discuss theoretical challenges, demonstrate working applications and gather for networking activities.