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This is another major blow the clean image Demi once had.Adding to the recently released photos that were apparently taken before Demi entered rehab, a source at X17 claims that the "Camp Rock" star isn't a stranger to getting a bit racy.

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Sonny: [reads Chad's autograph] Sonny, thanks for the yogurt.

And, that's the sarcophagus for the mommy dearest sketch. And, ah, that's a pink hat that I've never really seen before.

As she first has a crush on him and later on becomes his girlfriend, Sonny's fellow co-stars do not accept what she has been doing.

The show takes you to a wide range of areas of her life as a Hollywood actress.

Sonny helps Zora set a record for selling Blossom Scout Cookies but things get ugly when they find out that Mr. Things get even worse when Chad, sucking up to the studio head, joins Dakota's team.

When Sonny and Tawni appear on "Talk Attack with Gilroy Smith" Sonny is pressured into being honest about all of her answers.Life just keeps getting worse for Sonny With A Chance star Demi Lovato.Demi, who has been recently battling her emotional problems at a rehab center outside of Chicago, has made the news again after racy photos were released on the web via Twitter.This is much to the chagrin of Tawni, the show’s longest running cast member, who doesn’t understand why they even need another girl on the show.Thrilled, excited, happy - and scared to death - Sonny must now face the pressures of living up to her dreams to prove to herself, and the world, that she is up to the challenge.The girls make a pact to protect each other, which is easy until Chad is brought out.