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Jun Jin and Si Young used to be a real-life couple but they amicably parted ways after 6 months of going steady.The couple name Gundam pertains to Si Young's favorite toy and tv series which she is passionate about.

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Both nicknames given to Crown J and In Young were related to Crown J - - ant points to Crown J’s skinhead haircut that similar to the appearance of an ant, while A!is Crown J’s exclamation in their song, “Too Much” as well as another symbol for his inverted peace sign. He is best known as the leader of Kpop boyband, SS501 as well as for his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in “Boys Over Flowers” and as Baek Seung Jo in “Mischievous Kiss” (also known as Playful Kiss).most young married couples are married because they got pregnant young. -i come from a family that divorce is common and i understand how it can hurt everone involved. -ive dated a group of guys, and had another serious relationship to know what i want in my significant other. The reason why We Got Married became boring was because it lacked in sincerity.

Because it was all based on events and dates, sincerity fell.” “The concept of the casting this time around was to see how sincere they can be to each other, how seriously they took marriage or dating, and how much they could express themselves without any embellishment,” said Sun PD.

-i come from a family that divorce is common and i understand how it can hurt everone involved. after I turned 19, NO we "didn't have to" either.

-i think marriage is a big commitment, and it is a lifetime of work.

I also hope that they really date each other through this broadcast.” Meanwhile, Jo Jung Chi, Jung In, 2AM’s Jung Jin Woo, and Go Joon Hee left We Got Married with the entrance of Jung Joon Young, Jeong Yumi, Yoon Han, and Lee So Yeon.

MBC said, “With the new couples, we will show the marriage that most women dream of.” Article Credit: Jeong Jee Won Photo Credit: MBC Any copying, republication or redistribution of Mwave's content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited Without prior permission from Mwave.

Other than being dubbed as Goguma couple, some also refer to the pair as Yong Seo, coined by combining the first letters of their names.