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You will have to do some research on your own, and when you select your equipment and software, you need to become familiar with them. However, usually, you can get a better quality image from the cameras costing more than . A video camera can be used, but the process is more complicated.

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Much of the software included with most cameras contain things that many people never use, such as turning your face into a talking flower or animal, or special services unique to that camera or manufacturer.

Having the camera put a gas mask over my face may be fun for some, but will you actually use it?

I genneraly recommend that you don't install any software that you arn't going to use.

Every time you install software, your computer is altered by the installation process and removing the software doesn't always set your system back the way it was.

Check my FTP page for more on File Transfer Protocol. Check my webcam software page for a few options, or search the web for Webcam Software.

For this option, you will need to obtain a webcam software program. Prices can run from free or just a few dollars to very expensive, depending on brand, version and how you plan to use the software.

This is a simple page intended to give you an idea of what is involved in setting up a webcam.

It is not a comprehensive instructional manual covering exact procedures, cameras, or software programs. There are many cameras for sale under which are perfectly acceptable for most people.

However, some features of the camera may not work without the drivers that come with it. For example, some of my auto focus cameras won't auto focus using the UVC driver, others will.

Some cameras have various resolutions that arn't available without installing the drivers that come with it.

If you decide to install the camera software, or are required to because the camera is not UVC, then make sure you READ the instructions first.