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The greatest threat to our ability to function as a sustainable planet is our continued investment in a culture of centralized resource control.

LG: How does Helical Outpost help reassess the validity of centralized systems?

Helical's role really is to integrate it and make it accessible, not to invent it. DR: We’ve proven the technology, but the biggest barrier to the success of Helical is the cultural shift to understand and invest and embrace the value of decentralized resource systems as the path to global abundance. Our world today is vastly different than it was five years ago.

Ratigan is one of the co-founders of Helical Holdings, which produces the Helical Outpost, a hydroponic farm, solar power station, satellite communication center and water filtration system all wrapped up in a single "plug-and-play" shipping container that is capable of transforming entire communities.

I spoke to him about this extraordinary invention, how it’s helping to solve our sustainability problems and what we can all do to be greener.

We operate in a world that believes that our food, that our power, that our water processing, that our Wi Fi connectivity, that the basic foundation of our connectivity and infrastructure can only be managed massive centralized systems.

That flawed belief denies the reality of our unique capacity to shift to a significantly more de-centralized system.

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Then, if you're looking for little things to do, honestly the easiest thing for everybody to do is to use less plastic and fewer bags.The nice thing about the Outpost is it creates a naturally magnetic centralized hub; it's where you charge your phone, it's where you get your food and water, it's where you can connect to Wi Fi.It naturally creates a magnet to bring people to it, which makes it additionally a venue for a training hub for a wide variety of skill sets that are transcendent to whatever's going on at the outpost itself.DR: Not everybody wants to be a farmer or a solar power person.Some people want to be a filmmaker or a cook or a singer.Lucy Goodchild van Hilten: What do you see as the biggest sustainability problem we are facing today?