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He made a hole in the shutters which covered his window so that he could secretly watch the beautiful lady as she passed by. When what he had done was discovered he became known as Peeping Tom.

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To this day voyeurs (people who watch others secretly) are still often referred to as "Peeping Toms".There are many references to Lady Godiva in Coventry.At one stage Coventry was the third biggest town in England.It fell into decline while Birmingham grew, but became a centre of engineering during the Industrial Revolution. It was the centre of the British car industry, but suffered from the decline of manufacturing.Lady Godiva existed - she died soon after William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, and is mentioned in the Domesday Book.

As with other legends such as Robin Hood, some of the details changed over time.

Each summer there is a local tradition known as the Godiva Festival: a key part of this is a street procession which is led by a modern-day Godiva riding on horseback.

A comedy film called "Lady Godiva: Back in the Saddle" was filmed in Coventry and is due to be released in 2007 (see:

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The new Coventry Cathedral (formally called the New Cathedral Church of St Michael, designed by the architect Basil Spence) was opened in 1962, next to the bombed ruins of the former cathedral (known now as Old St Michael's Cathedral). When the ruins of the old cathedral were inspected after the bombings, two of the wooden beams which had fallen from the roof were found making the shape of a cross.